3am  Project       Collaboration Project Yasmeen Melius and Naroa Pérez



When given the opportunity to explore methodologies in order to discover one’s

response with their medium, one cannot resist. From exploring the idea of mistakes and

intention within the photographic medium, the questions of space between our own

practices were introduced. Again, a system was created and used within the process,

which lead the creation of the work. The intention of the work was to release us from

control and comfort within the medium. This approach was influenced heavily by past

conceptual artists.

For eleven days, we woke up at 3am to complete each tasks that was produced

separately. This was done in order to compare our thought-ˇprocesses within this hour,

which could reveal links, connections and further separations while looking for

coincidence. The tasks all relate to question our present selves and to become conscious

of this. The uncontrolled sleeping hour of 3am allowed us to be honest and raw with the

tasks, therefore giving an accurate outcome. The selected number of nights felt long

enough to feel the consequences of the interrupted sleep and still enabled to create

further work around this theme. Doing the tasks separately, a non-ˇdialogue was created

but then broken when communication occurred the following day.

Two A6 identical books, 30 folded written paper maps and a large digital print was

created to become the final work. The books display only the text that was written within

the eleven nights;; the layout of the book reveals a rebellious character as it challenges

and frees the expectation and tradition of how books are made to be read and interacted

with. Along with this, 30 folded A4 written maps were made as an shared piece with all

the entries of each night. This will allow us to share our intimacy with everyone, while

they will interact with the distorted and disorientated text – using the layout of the text as

a metaphor we aimed to describe how we felt during the 3am. The layout of the digital

print was positioned in relation to the text. All that we have created are brought to the

performance;; which we are now thankful to share as it has already past us. It is now a