book made by photographic liquid emulsion on fabric portraits


"I really appreciated the qualities of fragility, imparted by the emulsion-infused pages, which serve to underscore the range of human interactions between the subjects and you and your camera. I was intrigued at the range of attitudes presented by the faces, and might have imagined a more stylised approach to the edit ('everybody stare!' 'everybody frown!' 'everybody look away'! 'everybody smile!'); however, the result is far more encyclopaedic, without purporting to completeness, which means that it is far more human and tender than any more 'disciplined' edit might have been. It is also, correspondingly, more compelling, creating gaps that are more difficult to resolve, but productively so.


How beautifully delicate the whole book appears to be; in all its roughness and all its softness. The sense of scale slips about; the transparency of the apparently friable pages allows for subtle juxtapositions, as the pages turn, a relay of couplings, perspectives shifting and dissolving. So light, so airy, but grounded in the matter of the materials and the humanely invested position of its maker.

Text by; Ed Dimsdale Senior Lecturer in Contextual studies at Cambridge school of Art, Lecturer at London College of Communication in London when I studied there, One of the best, 

Thanks a lot.