You know I do


  text by Søren Kierkegaard "Repetition" 1843

The project started as a personal task and dynamic to create a routine and repetitive action with different people and create a series of portraits.

The dynamic consisted in a staged space, (a room at the tower block at LCC university) with two chairs, on in front of the other. I made a first portrait to the person, and after I asked them to make a portrait of me. Giving them my camera and explaining a bit how to proceed and giving them total freedom to make the portrait. Thinking that it would be a nice way to make them comfortable and also it was a nice way of watching them taking my camera, and giving them the responsibility of the act of the photographic moment. Also I had a great series of portraits of myself done by others, I could see how I was seen by the people that I was photographing.

The routine was: Take the portraits in the same place, same hour of the day, same camera, same kind of film (B&W Ilford HP5), same processing, same enlarger, making it very repetitive. The dynamic consisted in a balanced process that involve machine, craft, people, space, process.

The joy I experiment during the process and with repetition was contiguous and quite obvious for the people around me, technicians for my university, LCC, UAL London, and colleagues from my course. So I decided to make portraits of these people that have been accompanying me while I was creating this body or work. Making them involved in the process. The tittle: You Know I Do was the confirmation reply to the question: Are you enjoying? And I said, You Know I DO.

A big puzzle with all the portraits together is been the last presented work, but I sincerely think that every piece of photographic paper works perfectly by itself.

The images are made in Black and White film, Ilford HP5, but printed with colour enlarger and photographic colour paper Fuji Lustred and processed in colour process machine. Filters in colour enlarger are changed a bit by chance, and the images are cropped by chance also in the darkness of colour darkroom. My joy in the darkroom is related to the game, the chance and the fragment.