changing reality

first step

The pictures are different gazes into the same objects. I didn´t want a double exposure, the limits of frame are very important and I wanted to show them. Sometimes we miss parts of our frame, each time is a different frame.

The tree of “Waiting to Godot”, changed in a single night.

VLADIMIR: Wait . . . we embraced . . . we were happy . . . happy . . . what do we do now that we're happy . . . go on waiting . . . waiting . . . let me think . . . it's coming . . . go on waiting . . . now that we're happy . . . let me see . . . ah! The tree!

ESTRAGON: The tree?

VLADIMIR: Do you not remember?

ESTRAGON: I'm tired.

VLADIMIR: Look at it. They look at the tree.

ESTRAGON: I see nothing.

VLADIMIR: But yesterday evening it was all black and bare. And now it's covered with leaves.


VLADIMIR: In a single night.

ESTRAGON: It must be the Spring.

The time perception is relative, it´s not a line, it´s a loop.

The routine is a way of trying to control time.

Doing the same thing once and again we can try the feeling of managing our space and time, but each time is different, each step of our routine is slightly different.

The repetition gives a safe feeling, we know what´s going to happen, we can be certain with permanent objects that, for example, after that building there´s a road. That gives a little bit of control of space. But objects are different each time.

Walking every day through the same street everything is different and the same at once.

The building is there but in a different way, the bench is waiting there as always but in a different way because we look at it in a different way. The way in which we see the objects fluctuate each time dependant on the state of mind/mood. So anything is permanent, reality is changing all the time, in different ways.