I miss you

You were always around

And I avoided you


And now

I miss you


Skin is the limit of my body

Is the border

Is the threshold that brings the feeling

    The in and out space in-between

Is the map of a territory 

    That was untouchable  


A cuddle, a caress, a little approach 

Was felt as a threat 

When the skin gets so un/sensitive

That only feels pain


I didn’t want to feel

I didn’t want pain

I didn’t want sorrow anymore

But the sense of touch 

Has the two sides of the same coin

When I decided to avoid pain

I was also rejecting pleasure and joy


I need to recover the sense of touch

Learn again the language of the skin

Feel relaxed and calmed

And don’t feel threatened 




I will find the way to reterritorialize

My body and skin

I will follow the map 

I will follow the trail of touch.  

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